mckechnie letters flat

  'An outstanding achievment in progressive rock'

Exposé on 'Newton's Alchemy

‘Simon McKechnie is a talented guy who deserves more exposure, and I recommend Newton's Alchemy to those who like me are always on the look out for something a tad different.
  Astounded by Sound on 'Newton's Alchemy'

'An outstanding record from which we could single out, within a very homogeneously high level, the beautiful suite "Animated Mercury", almost ten minutes in length, or the brilliant closing of the record "Turning of the Wheel"
El Retorno del Gigante on 'Newton's Alchemy'

  ‘The album is an excellent progressive rock album that any fans of Yes or Rush will enjoy' on 'Clocks and Dark Clouds'

'Rarely does an artist appear in the progressive world so suddenly
out of nowhere and create such a stir with his latest album'
Just in Case Prog Radio on 'Clocks and Dark Clouds'

  ‘This album is great, you just have to really listen' on 'Clocks and Dark Clouds'

  ‘The story-songs have freshnes and humour

  about them which is very London.’
  The Telegraph on Simon's 'London Reborn' album

  ‘Its span and dimension holds you entranced.
  It has sweeping vistas and changing paces.
  It is street theatre. It is folk art for your ears.
  It is London.’
  FolkWords on Simon's 'London Reborn' album